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My dad went through rigourus treaments for his many types of cancer. All the chemo, radiation, and high, high, HIGH doses of Morphine eventually took it's tolls on his bowels. My mom took him to the hosital where they did surgery and gave him a temporary colostomy. One day while we were at my parents with family present my mom came out of the bathroom. Whoever was in there last clogged the toilet. My mom said it must be my brother who feels after a BM he has to use a whole roll of toilet paper."Well, I guess John has the cleanest butt." I said. "No, I have the cleanest butt," my dad said. After that who could argue?


Good for him!I hope that attitude sees him to recovery.


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Thanks TLynn, best laugh I've had all day. I needed it.


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Originally posted by dawngloves:

Good for him!I hope that attitude sees him to recovery.

It gave my dad three more months than he was given. With these months he spoiled my daughter in such a way that she will be blessed to never forget him. Sounds sad, but in reality he was my first patient and first patient lost and he taught me a medicine no doctor can prescribe---humor. That is the lesson we all need to learn.



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I am sorry to hear about your dad. It is nice to hear that he was positive even in a difficult time like that. I understand your pain, my father was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago.

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