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my question is:

how does one get experience for treadmill test. Are there training classes in the comunity without having to work in the hospital that the class is offered. I have 20 years ICU experience, thought it might be time to change jobs, so I apply for this job in my hospital for which I have worked 13 years, but I am told that I must have treadmill experience. I offered to come in on my days off and learn but because of laws i am told that it is not possible. So I guess my question is, how does one get experience if it is not offered. Is there anywhere that there is a class which would qualify as treadmill experience. (ps-this is a union hospital) I live in San Diego California. I appreciate all comments and constructive critcism


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I am surprised that you aren't able to simply observe at the hospital where you work to get experience. We do general GXT's are our clinic ( graded excersise tests) and all of our persantine and sestimbs are done at the hospital in the cardiac care unit. We've been able to send two of our RN's and one MA over there to observe how they are done and what the nursing role is. I don't know of any extra cirricular training sessions, but are you sure you can't simply observe how these are done at the hospital? Good luck!


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well i did put on my application that I was willing to come in on my days off and observe to get some experience, but for some reason, because it is union and a posted position i think they feel that there may be to many applicants if they posted the position to say "onthe job training" I do feel however my 20 + years of critical care experience is not enough. I also found out they are willing to take someone from outside the hospital with "experience" before they would take me with my 13 years of dedicated loyalty to this particular hospital I would think that they would take care of their "own" first. So it is very frustrating.I would still like to find a class offered on the outside if possible, even though I dont think I willl have to much to learn at this point.


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I just applied for a similar job at my hosp. & expect to get it because I have some familiarity with treadmills from working in cardiac rehab. Talk to the cardiologists about learning treadmills in their office--it's not nuclear, but it does include stress exercise and monitoring and may get the specialist to ask for you because now you are trained in his methods.


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I did outpatient cardiac rehab many years ago and certified with CPRC...Cardiopulmonary Rehab Corp. based out of Florida. One needs to learn protocols (Bruce, etc) for stress tests plus METS (metabolic equivalents of exertion) for planning of basic ETE's and prescription of a safe exercise program.

Agree the cardiologists may be willing to let you observe at their offices and learn how to do this. It was a fun job and I miss it. :)

It is now very hard to get into in my area....and exercise physiologists are running programs that nurses used to run. Good luck :)


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Training? All you have to do is hold on, run, and breathe.

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