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I don't know whether to be honored or overwhelmed... :chuckle

One of my instructor's recommended me, and the head of the BSN division appointed me the junior student representative for the curriculum committee. I'll have to attend meetings and give my classmates' thoughts on how our curriculum is working, any improvements that could be made, etc. Thankfully, the meeting for this semester isn't until November..

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out an efficient way to get as much of my classmates input as possible without having to speak to them all personally (there's 58 of us, and I still don't yet know everyone's name). Any ideas?


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yay for you on being representative! What if you got everyone's email addresses (or those who wanted to give it out) and then you could send a message to everyone saying if they had any ideas to email them to you and give them to you in class. I am the student society representative for the first year students and that is what I did. Our class is smaller though, only 32 people.


Set up a meeting time before or just after class and post it on a bulletin board. Or post your email on the bulletin board, explaining what you need to hear from them. Remind them if they want to have a voice, you are it!! As for being overwhelmed, I would at least try this, then drop out if you have to do so.

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