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Figured I could make a thread for those of us graduating dec 2015. A place for us to swap back ideas about how to stay organized not only for class but also at home! Congrats to everyone that has been accepted and started on this journey!!


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Thought I would make a thread for those of us graduating in the fall of 2015. Place to bounce ideas off of how to stay organized not only at school but also at home. Talk about things in school! Congrats to everyone that's been accepted and starting on this journey!


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Hi! I start nursing school in January... I'm super anxious to get started! I actually will be graduating in the summer of 2015. Congrats to all that got in! =)

I start Jan too! VERY EXCITED & NERVOUS!


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Hello all! I'm also starting nursing school in January! I've been so nervous and anxious to start. I've already bought all of my books and started studying. I'm so nervous and don't know whether I am organized enough for school.

I graduate Dec 2015 and just finished my 1st semester of nursing.. Our BSN program is 5 full semesters.


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I'm also starting nursing school in January:) I'm so excited and a little nervous all at the same time. I wish all of us the very best. Go class of 2015!!:woot:


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I am also starting in January. Good luck all.

Hi Everyone ! I too will enroll in January and I am so excited and ready to get it done :D . I know that we have some challenges ahead but it can and will get done God willing. Just think in two short years we will be starting the career that we have worked so hard to get to. Bring it on:yes:

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