Clarification on ASU RN-BSN program?


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I am working on prereqs for the MCCD Nursing Program right now. I am wanting to get my BSN from ASU after I complete nursing school but I am a little confused about taking prereqs for ASU. It says on their curriculum website that Human Nutrition and Developmental Psych are requirements, but there are footnotes that state that these have been integrated into the MCCD Nursing program already. On the MCCD Nursing curriculum sheet though, I do not see these.

Does anyone have any experience with whether or not I should be taking these classes? I have emailed an advisor but figured I would post here in case anyone had any experience. I'm asking because I would like to take a full course load but already have some of my prereqs done, and now I just have to take the BIO sequence for nursing schooo.

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just in case you haven't heard from your advisor yet... you will need to ask him/her specifically. from what i've asked and been told those classes are integrated, but not listed out specifically on the MCCD curriculum.

however- if you are still working on your pre-reqs, get those out of the way as soon as possible and get on the list! it's about a 3-4 semester wait from the time you turn in your application. you will have plenty of time while waiting to get your co-reqs and some required asu classes taken care of.

good luck!