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City college of San Francisco VS. University of San Francisco

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Hello everyone,

I recently got accepted into the USF BSN program and the CCSF ADN program.

my end goal is to eventually the at least a BSN, even if I started out with the CCSF program.

I already accepted my admission to USF, and paid a 750 deposit, but right after got an admittance letter from CCSF. I am now conflicted because I was excited about USF but stressed about the high tuition of a private university. CCSF has a great reputation in the Bay Area, and it is free.

Pros of CCSF Include that it is free, starts in fall 2020 vs USF Spring 2021, I would get a license in 2 years, vs 3 years at USF (closer to 3.5 or 4 if you consider the time from now). Even thought CCSF is only an associates, I could go straight into a bridge program to get a BSN, OR I would have the opportunity to work sooner if I wanted to.

USF has a great reputation too, and I am willing to take the loans and pay the tuition if it is worth it.

has anybody been to either school, if so, why did you love or dislike your program? Pros and cons? Advice and insight? Where were your clinical and how prepared did you feel at the end of the program?

I have to make a devious ASAP, anything helps!


I have't gone to either, but always go for the cheaper option! The only drawback, if you want to call it this, is CCSF only offers the ADN degree which will not get you into any of the major Bay Area hospitals. You'll also be out the $750 deposit.

Try to always avoid debt and even if your parents were going to pay, do them a huge favor and don't make them pay the outrageous tuition USF charges. It would be one thing if you only got accepted into USF - sometimes you just gotta go wherever you get accepted at whatever the cost. The fact you got accepted into a highly competitive community college speaks volumes AND IT'S FREE!


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If I got my ADN from ccsf, they have a bridge program with SF State that would let me transfer and get my BSN from state right after I get my ADN.

thanks so much for your response!

So with the ADN I wouldn’t be able to work at any of the big hospitals? Hmmm I guess even if that is the case, I could just go straight into getting my BSN after ccsf and problem solved!

I’m gonna lose my 750 deposit with USF, but that’s nothing compared to the 10s of thousands of dollars I would owe in tuition there.

Every single person that I’ve asked, doctors and nurses included, says to do CCSF. Im gonna go that route I think 🙂


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