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Citrus College Fall 2020

by Momi Momi (New) New

Has anyone that applied to citrus college received an acceptance or denial letter?

I have yet to receive anything. Hopefully soon!

Hope everyone is doing good as I understand the extended wait can be nerve-racking. I'm a current student in the program and can confirm we are still ongoing. There are many moving pieces and our faculty is doing an amazing job keeping the program viable with multiple contingencies in play. They have not forgotten about you and will notify all applicants soon. I can't give any dates or guarantees but stay optimistic and resilient in yoyour journey. For the time being if haven't taken the TEAS I would recommend reviewing resources as they test might be a few weeks after notification. I'll check back soon if any questions.

❤️❤️thank you guys for your response.

Anybody got an email yet? My friend in AP got his email that he got accepted already.

Nothing yet.

Hope everyone is doing good,

Just to update you the AP (LVN > ADN) 2nd year students have been the only cohort that have been receiving notification letters this week. They do have a Summer transition semester so they usually get a notification a week or two before the 1st year (Generic) applicants. I'm optimistic they will send out the acceptance letters to the Generic applicants very soon. I can only imagine how stressed you must be waiting almost 2 months longer than normal time frame. Til then I would suggest reviewing for the TEAS, if you need to take it, in case you get the acceptance letter with little time thereafter. I'll check back if any updates but keep your spirits up and continue your studies.

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I hope they accept more then 20 students per year in the near future. Good luck to everyone that applied!

Any news guys? Looks like the LVN to RN cohorts got chosen already.

Have regular ADN apps been updated yet??

Nothing yet. Hopefully in the next week or so. 😫Im anxious to know already. 😭😭.


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Hello everyone, I took the pre LVN course this Spring semester and finished our final this last Friday. I got the acceptance letter of being an alternate for the normal LVN program yesterday! From my understanding of when I spoke to Jorge Acosta 2 weeks ago via zoom, he said that they are still working on all applications when it comes to the generic ADN program. My boyfriend and I also applied to that as well. So stay hopeful! I'm sure we will be receiving an email soon :)