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I'm currently working as a circulator, but I would like to train to scrub. When I was initially hired as a new-to-the-OR nurse, my director promised that after 2 years as a circulator I could train to scrub. Well, 2 years has come and gone, and my director has continued to say no, citing staffing problems. Sigh. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any circulator-to-scrub training programs out there? 

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Are you looking to change employers? That may be your best choice. 

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Hey there, sorry to hear you are in a place that does not want to train you in the OR RN scrub role . Not knowing where you reside in the US, it's hard to recommend alternative employers that will train you and develop your role as an all rounder OR RN. If I was you, I would start asking around at work to find out which local hospitals train their RN's to scrub. I know out here in California, pretty much all of the big academic hospitals train their RN's to scrub and have them scrub lists a couple times /week. Many newer RN's applying for work at my employer are specifically asking if we train RNs to scrub, so it is clearly a part of the OR RN role that they are interested in. Best of luck on your search.


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I work for a VA that required circulators to learn how to scrub.  At the moment, that training is on hold for new-to-us circulators, because a lot of the experienced circ-scrub RNs still felt like the half-a**ED training we got isn't fair.  Scrub techs go to school for 14 months or something, but RNs just learn on the job, on the fly.  There's no structured program.  I don't really mind that I learned that way, personally... I just have an attitude where I will admit my weaknesses and ask for guidance, and usually that's OK where I work since we are an educational facility with surgical residents also scrubbing in and doing surgery or assisting.  Learning to scrub open heart surgery took a lot more time, though.  

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