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 I have sustained a lot of injuries over the years. Call it a combiniation of obesity which worsens the impact of falls , falls related to general clutzyness, Injuries sustained in the work place, the most recent a prolapsed disc and exposed nerve at the L5. 

I had been experiencing an increase in my pain levels. Moving from needing to take codiene 1-2 a month to 1 or twice a week on top of iburprofen and paracetamol. Determined that I'm not increasing the codiene or going for anything harder. I have been fortunate to get treatment through ACC and today went for a guided steroid injection of the site. 

I'm experiencing a wierd reaction. I've had the pain in that area for so long post procedure I have no pain it feels like a shadow pain that vanishes as soon as I examine it closely. 

Has anyone else had pain for so long and had something done that got rid of it but it took a while to realise you were actually pain free

Also if anyone has non pharmacological interventions that they use that work for them please feel free to share

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OMG _ I so feel you. I have chronic pain that is sometimes intractible. I had a similar reaction when I has a streroid injection in my knee. The solution formed chrystals that required movement to release. As for non pharmacological pain pain relief I have been playing around with herbal and Ayurvedic principals that have brought my blood sugars under control and also brought my pain to a manageble level that does not require opioid intervention. I took Norco for years. I can't go into specifics here due to TOS but you can PM me so we can communicate privately. 


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