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Choosing The Best Route

by bro4shoe bro4shoe (New) New

Hello All,

Well I just had a few questions/concerns/worries. I have had my heart set on Nursing School for a while, and I just don't know what the best route would be because of the ridiculous waiting lists.

I am right now living in San Diego, but I am willing to relocate to other parts of California, or even out of state.

I was just wondering what your suggestions are about possibly getting my LVN first, and then getting into an LVN-RN Program. Ultimately I want to get my BSN, so you think would be a good route? Or should I try to get into just a straight RN school through a community college? Or how is Maric College??

I would really love anyones two cents because I am getting a little discouraged by the waiting lists alone!!

Please help ease my anxiety!!!:mad:


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I would just go ahead and attend a community college, and get my RN. Some do the LVN/LPN route, and then continue their education, and some never do finish. I would just go ahead and get my RN. It is only a year's difference in education, and believe me, it goes by fast. The 2 yr. comm. college route is the route I chose. I am so glad that I did. Whatever route that you choose, enjoy it, and take time to breathe, and have a little fun, too!!

Good luck!!:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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I did LVN 1st for a number of different reasons. I do not regret my decision. I am now working as an LVN making decent money while I am working on gen/core classes for the LVN to BSN via Indiana State University online route. I think if you really want the RN you will find the motivation to continue on after the LVN. IMO I know everyone's circumstances are different but if you have the will nothing will stop you from ultimatly reaching your RN status, no matter what route you choose. GOOD LUCK!!!!


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I recommend going straight for your RN via Community College. My reason for this is because I have seen a trend in the phasing out of LPN/LVN's in the hospital setting.

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I sent you a private message about a school with no waiting list (university/BSN program). Good luck in whatever choice you make


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i would add that the "best route" is like the "best spacing" between children--it varies from person to person, and you have to decide what works for you. a lot of it is based on your financial and family situation. i money isn't a problem and you don't have family obligations, i'd consider going straight for your bsn while you are younger.

otherwise, i agree that your adn is your best bet. lpn's are paid quite a bit less, and for the lpn-rn transition time, you might as well get the rn out of the box.:twocents:

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