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I am looking for a quick and financially sound way to obtain my RN degree, I am considering STLCC Flo-Valley and once I have my RN get my BSN since I work for a hospital as a TECH already. BUT I have been told by nurses there this is not the quickest route. I have to save money but I don't want to be wait listed for years. Can anyone suggest a good way to get this done? Im 32 and have two kids. I want to make this happen and be frugal at the same time. I was also told to take my pre-reqs at STLCC and then transfer to UMSL Nursng school. I think I may be over thinking things. I just need some soud advice please!...I will be starting from scratch with these pre-reqs and would like to start this fall. :typing

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I am in the same boat as you are...just a little older, but with 2 kids as well. I decided to go the STLCC route for several reasons. First of all, you can complete all of your non-nursing classes while you are on the wait list...only have to do Bio & Chem before getting on the list. That will allow you a little less hectic schedule while you are taking your nursing classes. Also, when you compare the cost savings it is quite significant. I have the 8 nursing classes left to take, which should run about $2500, compared to $30,000 for the BSN route. I think taking things a little slower and with substantial cost savings is a good route, especially when you have a family. I just got on the wait list for all 3 STLCC schools the first week of November (2008) and am in for Flo this fall, but kinda am holding out for Forest Park...there is a slight chance I will get in this Fall as a backup, but in Spring for sure. There are a lot of people declining when their turn comes up...or at least that is what I have heard. Just my opinion.


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Yes. I am planning the same route. I have looked into several options and this is certainly the cheapest and smartest route. Thanks for the advice

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I think that while the program requires time and energy to get through, you will be able to have a life with those kids and other obligations while getting through school. It is intense and requires plenty of study time and they're NOT going to give you the degree without the work, but compared to accelerated programs if you've got your prereqs and coreqs complete, you will attend class an average of 2 - 3 hours/day except on clinical days and have the summer off.

As a graduate of an STLCC program, I highly recommend them!!

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