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I'm currently taking A&P I and Microbiology. If I want to get into a BSN program I have to complete chemistry and statistics. I will not be able to do this before fall. I can however apply to an Associates degree program beginning this fall and their requirements are less. Should I start the Associates degree program now or wait until I complete of the pre-requistes to get into a BSN program.

I have not ruled out the LPN program in fact I would like to also apply because of the many LPN to BSN programs out their. I also suspect that many more colleges will begin to create bridge programs for LPNs to address the nursing shortage.


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I have not yet completed stats or chem yet, but I was accepted into a BSN program. I just have to complete and pass those two classes before NS starts in the fall. There is no difference between BSN or ADN but if you want to go on to a masters program or don't want to have to go back to school, BSN would be the route to go.


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I think it depends if you want to wait or not. I think you should go ahead with the associates degree. Those are cheaper and for your may be able to get an employer to pay for it.

I wanted to get started with my nursing degree and I did NOT want to wait. I'm starting this fall. I'm actually not doing an ADN or BSN program..but a diploma program (one of the top in my state).

Since I have a BA already (in a non-nursing field), I can skip over a BSN and go directly into a RN-MSN program (besides..all the courses for a BSN..I basically already have in my BA). Plus, I hope to get a future employer to pay for my MSN:yeah:


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If you have gotten accepted into an Associate's nursing program, I'd start now!! Why would you want to dely getting your nursing degree?

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