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Choose nursing degree fr JCJC or PRCC??


I'm having trouble making a decision regarding which community college to enter for a ADN. I graduated in 2000 with a BA degree in Paralegal Studies with a 3.54 GPA. I'm concerned about which college credits will transfer and which college is more respected in the hospital community. Any advise or comments about JCJC or PRCC? Thanks in advance.


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It doesn't matter what school you go to. Pick the one that best suites you. When you get out and start working no one cares where you got your degree but, they only care about how you perform. I would suggest getting whatever prereqs you need out of the way for a BSN. BSN vs ADN is more important than where you get an ADN.

I am in my second semester of adn at jcjc....it is known throughout the state as being the toughest adn program...but ive heard a thousand times that the surrounding hospitals will hire someone from jones before any other school so that must say something....it is extremely hard but i dont really have anything to compare it to...but if it wasnt hard i would be worried i think that the challenge will make us better nurses in the end....i absolutely love it so far im excited to be learning some many new things and to be able to apply them in clinical!


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I'm a JCJC graduate and the program is tough,grueling and I never want to repeat it again!:banghead: With that being said, I believe that it made ME a stronger nurse, a better nurse. Their program is known to be one of the toughest and @ did have one of the highest ratios of nurses passing NCLEX. But in all honesty, you will get out of the program what you put into the program. So weigh your pros and cons: travel time/distance..accessibility...people you know...community. You have to go into any program with confidence and determination!!! And I can't not say this...The Lord brought me to and through the program... Rely on HIM....Good Luck:nurse:

I know ppl from several different nursing schools in the region and every school feeds their students that "hospitals prefer our students over other schools" line. Whatever. And everyone considers their school to be the toughest program. Bottom line is, every program has to teach you the same stuff essentially because everyone takes the same boards. I went to PRCC and always joked that their motto is to fail out all the ppl who wouldn't pass boards to keep their 'rank' up. I've heard positive things about JCJC as far as the staff being supportive, and that's def a plus. Find out the schedule, where you will most likely have to drive for clinicals, and determine what fits best for you. You can also look on MS board of nursing website and it gives you pass rates and other stats for all schools in the state. Good luck.

that may be true but ive heard these things not only from my school but from employers sooo yeah its a known fact that the best nurses come outta jcjc! and im proud to go there!!!! lol


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JCJC, I have never met anyone who went there. My point made. Like I said, you should be considering ADN vs. BSN strictly for advancement purposes, not because the education you will get will be any better or worse. Nursing is a great deal OJT anyway. You go to school to get the degree and you go to work to learn how to be a nurse.


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I love PRCC. If you are ready to knuckle down and get serious about your future as a nurse then you can make it at PRCC. You have to have a good attitude and realize that respect is of utmost importance as a nurse. There are some days in clinical I feel totally unprepared, but with the help of my instructor I always leave the hospital feeling as if I learned something really important. I have no doubt that once I finish at PRCC the sky will be the limit for me. I know they are making me one hell of a nurse.

I'm a PRCC ADN student & I have no complaints. The staff is very supportive. Students are required to have a "B" or better in all nursing courses. However, if you're slipping, the staff is right there to guide you & help you in any way possible. I am very happy to be in PRCC's ADN program.

I am a PRCC ADN student as well. Its a great program. Very nice staff. I hope to get a lot out of this program. We have like 67 students in our semester.

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