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Hi. I'm in an ADN program right now and I don't graduate until now next year. However, I want to really have my top 2 choices down for RN to BSN because I am at a place where I can take "extra" gen ed classes and I want to make sure that it's worth it and choose the right classes to go towards my RN to BSN.

So here are my criteria/a little about me.

1) affordable. I'd really like to spend less than $20k on my BSN. Ideally $15k or less. I plan to pursue a Master's so I'd like to minimize extra debt I accrue.

2) I plan to work full time and my girls will be 6 and 3 when I start.

3) Time. My aim is to not take longer than 18 months. I would love to complete it in a year

4) I am comfortable with online classes. At least half of my non-nursing classes have been online. I don't have issues writing papers although I think I prefer tests. I find discussion boards tedious and useless. I need something self paced.

So far I've been looking at WGU, Walden, and Capella. My only gripe with WGU is the 3.0 GPA I would end up with. Not a huge deal, as the Masters program I plan to go to had accepted WGU graduates, but for scholarships it would be nice.

Thoughts, suggestions, warnings, personal experiences?

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It's up to you, but if you want affordable AND quick to complete, I'd choose WGU. You'd have to work at it to spend over 15K there - I was able to finish in a term so my cost was about $3400. Yep, the GPA is 3.0 - haven't heard of that being a problem for too many but there's no way around it if it's a problem for you. Nothing wrong with the for-profits (walden and capella) but you'll spend a ton more money. There are other options if you decide against WGU - check out some of the online state schools that have bsn programs like University of LA/Lafayette - that would have been my second choice if WGU didn't work out.


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Thanks!! WGU is my top choice at the moment.

How much time did you have to dedicate in order to complete it in one term?