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chm130 (intro class) with lab - ONLINE


I am looking for options for taking Chem 130 with lab...all ONLINE...anywhere other than Rio The only place I can find both the lab and the class online are at Rio. :down: I took Bio156 at Rio, although I got an A, I strongly disliked their format. My desire to take CHEM 130 online somewhere other than Rio is especially cemented in my brain now that I have taken other online bio classes through Phoenix College and LOVE THEIR FORMAT. But, I fear Rio is going to be my only option, unless someone enlightens me otherwise.

But, before I get too ahead of myself, perhaps if you have taken CHM130 with lab from Rio you can tell me what to expect...maybe it is not as bad as Bio156 online at Rio.

Phoenix College offers Chem130 BUT it is withOUT the lab. I need the lab to satisfy the pre-requisite requirements for the ASU post-baccalaureate program (which, by the way I understand has now been postponed for start date of Summer 2012, with applications due in December 2011--the website for ASU will reflect this in the future). ---Does anyone know if you can take the Chem class through PC, and just the lab online through Rio -- has anyone done that? I just fear I will be paying double for books! And, I am not sure that this even works, and I fear I will be doing more work (in total) than if I just suck it up and do the lab and class all as one at Rio, if that is my only all-online option?

I looked into Central Arizona College, but their program is only a hybrid program (online class, but in-class labs).

I assume that the Maricopa Community College or other Arizona colleges options are my best bet for taking pre-reqs..maybe I am mistaken...I am just afraid that I may have a harder time getting ASU to accept lesser known places (if there even are any) (obviously any class I take must be from an accredited school, I do understand that).

(Final Note: I truly understand the drawbacks of online labs and science classes...that is not the purpose of this thread. Unfortunately, until I get into a nursing program, I do not have the luxury of taking in person classes.)

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You could take the lab at Rio and the other online course at South Mountain. I took the lab at Rio, and the other at South Mountain or you can take both online at South Mountain. I took it there, and it was incredibly easy compared to RIO. It's time consuming, but very manageable. I took it over the summer, and the profs initials were TH

Goodness! Thank you miteacher! I did not know South Mountain did online classes. Like an idiot, I think my original MCC search did not include South Mountain...I will give that a try...what is the format like at South Mountain? Is there just a midterm and final like Rio? Or is it broken into more segments for exams? Are exams in person at a testing center or school, like Rio, or is everything online like PC? I assume exams are not cumulative. And, any crazy application essays like Rio? Any insights are appreciated! Thanks!


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I tried to take Chm130 at Rio but it was exactly like all their other sciences. The hardest part was figuring out how to write an application paragraph on a chemistry example. The midterm was hard of course. There is too much math without the back up of something like, the mymathlab, for someone like me who really is not a math fan, to self teach. Good news is that they do give you a form of the periodic table for the midterm. I dropped at midterm because I got a job and couldn't do both... plus I BOMBED the midterm.

The easiest part was the lab portion... with that being said you still have the application paragraphs. But I had an A in the lab portion. I didn't think of keeping one without the other... hummm live and learn I guess... Oh it was easy but time consuming and labor intensive!!