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CHLA RN Residency Program March 2015


Hi everyone, I just applied to the CHLA RN Residency Program for March 2015 and wanted to start a group to see where everyone is applying from. Anyone complete their packets yet? I'm live in southern California and am planning to apply to NICU as my first choice and PICU as my second choice.

I'm applying as a So-Cal resident as well. I haven't turned in my packet yet, but this is my second time applying so the one benefit of that is that at least I'm familiar with the process! I got to the "speed date" interview last time and wasn't called back for a second interview, but I'm hoping with the few changes I have for my resume etc. my chances are better now :) My first choice will be Hematology/Oncology and then I may put Oncology or BMT as my second just to show them that I really want to work that floor, but that might be a bit redundant since they have the same interviewers/hiring managers, and last time they told me that they will put people where they think they'll fit on that floor. I would also love the ED but have heard they pretty much only hire the internals who are already in the ED.

Hi USNavygirl, Do you currently work at CHLA? I just got offered a position as a PCSA on one of their floors. I'm hoping that helps my odds. What changes did you make to your resume to make it better? Also, do you remember what types of questions they asked last time you interviewed? This is my first time applying and I don't know much about the process. Whats a speed date? Good luck and I really hope you are chosen this time around. You are showing that you are not willing to give up and that you love CHLA by applying a second time. :)

Well for one, I did get a PCSA job there right after the last application round, so that will help to at least get an interview. It's sort of like having a really long job interview already though! And believe me, they do NOT hire all PCSAs into the new grad program, as it should be. Especially on certain units where they have many PCSAs and few residency spots. They receive plenty of applications from highly qualified candidates that don't already work at CHLA. I know for the fall, they usually have well over a thousand applicants to the hospital.

But anyway, that's on my resume now, and I'm now a sigma theta tau member so I added that as well. I also have done more volunteering. And of course actually having a licence number on there is a plus!

There are two interviews you could be selected for, the first is about ten minutes sort of as a "speed date" with the education manger(s) where they'll ask you why nursing, why this floor, do you have any questions, what do you know about the residency, why CHLA. Basic stuff like that. And they're all super sweet and professional and try to make you feel comfortable, so far as I've heard.

They usually choose far more applicants for that round as they have spots available, and

will then narrow it down to about two times the number of people for spots available to do the hour-long interview.

Although, I can only speak to my unit, and I'm sure it varies elsewhere. But I have chatted with a few other PCSAs when they've been floated to my floor, and it seems similar.

Longevity and commitment do seem to be a factor, so when you start just make sure to work hard, don't call out, and be available when they call you or if they need to move you. Be flexible! Offer help! And learn everything you can about your unit :)

Thanks for the info and good luck!

Hi guys! I am also applying to CHLA for the March cohort. I still have to finish my packet and drop it off. My first choice is ED and my second choice is NICU! Does anyone know how many new grads they are going to take for this cohort? I heard before it is between 50 and 60 but I am curious if that changes for each new group! Good Luck everyone!! :)

It varies between cohorts, and it varies by unit. Some units will take 1 or 2 while others will take 9 for the same cohort. Depends. The ED usually hires mostly internally from what I've heard, but it's really really awesome down there so I'd give it a shot! Plus hearsay is just hearsay after all ;)

The hospital overall gets about half the applications for the March cohort as they do for the Fall, so now would definitely be the best time.

Good luck all, hope to see you guys on the floor!

Thanks for answering my question! I agree, hearsay is just hearsay :yes: . The emergency department is a place where I feel at home and I would be crazy not to try to get into that unit! Have you heard anything about the other units? I am excited and nervous for this process.

5 west usually takes more than average, 5 east probably the least and only internals. OR and float team don't really take anyone in the march cohorts

I know the oncology floor gets a lot more applications than people may think :)

And I can't speak to the others because I haven't talked to anyone who works in them, but I know each unit wants someone who really wants to work that specific unit and is passionate about it!

I applied for peds hem/onc and hand delivered my application last week :)

I am almost done with my application. Does anyone know how popular the PICU is? USNavygirl, you said oncology is the most popular?

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Honestly, I don't know how many applications they get down there compared with other units. I have heard it's a great place to work though :)

Do you guys think it's important to be an PCSA at CHLA in order to get accepted to the new grad program?

I would say that being a PCSA is certainly giving yourself the best chance possible, if you have the chance to do it.

Hello friends! I'm from Anaheim, CA and I will be submitting my application this Wednesday. I will be applying for the PICU and ER. What units are 5 West and 5 East??? Best wishes to everyone and I hope we all get in! :)

Applied for PICU & NICU. Good luck to all!

What units are 5 West and 5 East??? Best wishes to everyone and I hope we all get in! :)

I guess it's too late for this, but 5West and 5 east are their medical units.

The wait is killing me! Where else are you guys applying? CHLA is my first choice even though I know UCLA pays more. I was disappointed to find out that UCSF Benioff Children's AND Lucile Packard aren't doing a pediatric residency program until the fall! Not sure about Rady's or CHOC either.

Has anyone heard anything since the packet deadline? The wait is terrible!