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Chinese nurse looking for work


My wife was a registered nurse in China for 10 years. She had two degrees in nursing from China. She has moved to USA last Nov., to be with her husband (me). Since then, she has studied on her own and took and passed the RN license exam for the state of California. She has been voluterring at a local hospital. She speaks and writes fluently in English and Chinese and we live in Southern California. The problem she faces is every prospective employer wants USA experience. How do you get this experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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She just has to keep on looking. The job market is very tough out there even for nurses right now. She's going to have to apply to every hospital she can think of, not just a few. She can also look into home health and nursing homes in the mean time.


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Is she willing to work on the night, evening, or weekend shifts just to get experience? She may have to start out that way for a year or so just for the experience and then hopefully move on to something better. Good luck to you both.