Chinese Hep B rate?

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Did anyone else hear on CNN the news blip today that in China up to 2/3 of the population (1 billion out of 1.5 billion) have been exposed to Hepatitris B due to the re-use of needles during vaccinations and shots?....think about the possible implications of that wide spread of an epidemic of Hep B....kinda scary:o

What is the Hep (all types) exposure rates in the US?

China is finally getting serious about combatting Hep B and AIDS, after years of denying it was a problem. HIV cases nationwide have surged, due to drug use, a flourishing sex trade, and an unsanitary blood bank industry. It confirmed that hundreds of people in a single village were infected by an illegal blood buying operation. There has been absolutely no public education regarding HIV or Hep B. Needle sharing is common practice. Prostitutes rarely use condoms, let alone the general public.

Just another example of human suffering caused by the Chinese government.

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