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??about childrens center OKC

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Hey out there-

I'm currently pre-nursing @OKCCC & also working thru moore-norman tech on a CNA (independent study).

A friend mentioned that The Childrens Center in Bethany always needs CNAs, all times/days & I should apply there when I'm certified. Anyone out there ever work or currently work there? Just wanted some feedback from first hand. I've researched their history, services, etc. & I realize that it would be very challenging to work with those kiddos. I would appreciate any comments from those familiar with the facility.

I've searched jobs around OKC and nearly every hospital & LTC need CNAs. I could really take my pick of jobs, but I think this one would be especially rewarding. Maybe you've worked in a similar facility--I'd love to hear about it.


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mary794 has 7 years experience and works as a CNA/CMA.

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We took a tour there as NUrsing studients.. I am so not one to cry.. but I cried my eyes out that day.. Only because my step sister was a multi-handicapped child and she was in there for a while.. I knew what I went through and what my family went through... My point here is It is very hard seeing small children with disabilities but it can be rewarding at the same time.. It would be difficult everyday seeing babies like that because they didn't ask for that to happen to them.. But my calling is the older generation.. So it all is what you can handle as a nurse/person.. Not everyone can work with babies and not everyone can work in LTC.. Just do your best at what you choose..

Personally I would come home crying everyday if i worked there.


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marilynmom works as a Adolescent psych.

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I have friends who work there and really enjoy it so I think if your interested you should apply. I work in the pediatric ICU and we do get kids that have gone downhill from The Children's Center sometimes. I see really sad stuff everyday where I work, but I still love it.

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GulfCoastGal works as a RN.

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I worked there first as a CNA and then as an LPN for about a year. I think it's great place to work. The nurses are very nice- some abit old fashioned- but good attitudes. The nurses all had to wear white and the CNA's teal scrubs when I worked there. But they have a contract with Narmada Uniforms in Bethany where you can get them first and then have the cost deducted from your paychecks- at least they did then in 2001.

A lot of the CNA's there are from India, but they are all very nice to work with. It took me a while to learn how to understand them with the Indian accent. I left there when I started my senior year of nursing school since I have kids and it was too hard to do school and work there, plus have kids in the mix. I also wanted to broaden my horizon a bit and learn some other skills that I wouldn't get a lot of pracice there, such as venipuncture, etc. They are a long term care facility and have their own way of doing things.

Overall, I think it's a great place to work, and everyone seems to be very pleasant to work with. It's not as hard seeing the kids there when YOU are the one helping make their lives better. It is harder I think to just come through and see them. When you're an active participant in making their day brighter and caring for them, it makes you feel good about yourself- like you've contributed something very special.

Hope this helps!

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