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What would happen if one of your HH clients rang and said that both her children had chicken pox. Client is quadraplegic with two young children and husband who works, but is unable to be home to care for children/wife while the children have chicken pox. No other family/support.

Would your agency suspend services?

If so, what would be the criteria to resume services.

Or would your agency continue services as normal?

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Never gave that any though.. hmm... wil have to ask about that one tomorrow, though! LOL!

Gee.. really don't know what our agency would do... but I'm going to find out! ;)

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Why could care not continue with a nurse who is immune to chicken pox and utilizes appropriate isolation precautions?


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If this were my client, I don't see why I couldn't continue to see her. I had a titer done for chicken pox a long time ago and registered off the scale so I know I'm immune. This is an interesting question though.

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