from chicago looking for a good cheap Lpn or rn program?


Hi, Iam a medical assistant and i want to become a LPN or RN where are some good cheap schools here in chicago?

suzanne4, RN

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sorry to tell you that there are no cheap programs. and most programs now require that you complete pre-requisites before even being accepted into the actual nursing program, and most programs have a two year wait to get in.

there are some private schools that do not have that long of a wait list, but the tuition is much huigher, usually in the $20,000 range just for the one year lpn program.

please check out the pre-nursing forum for more information about what the requirements are for nursing school.

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You could try the community colleges for RN programs. Oakton is the comm college for Cook County. Their website is They admit during the fall and spring semesters. Classes are about 80 per hour. I'm not sure how much that will cost but probably around 7-8k total. Good luck!


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College of lake county is about the same as oakton. I know the community colleges are cheaper. I think a lot if not all are cheapest if you live in the community of the college you attend. I know for all the ones I checked into there was either a minor to extreme price difference between living in district and out. Good Luck!!!

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