Chicago area salaries for RN with 1-2 years experience


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I am originally from chicago but living and working out of state currently. I am moving back to Illinois sometime in the next 6 months or so and I need to determine if I can afford to live in Chicago area of if I need to live elsewhere in the state. I am on a tight budget due to lots of student loans and other short term debts at the moment, so making a couple dollars more or less an hour really makes a difference to me.

Can anyone share with me with various hospitals in Chicago pay for RNs (with BSN) with 1-2 years experience. I am specifically looking at Edwards Hospital in Naperville, West Suburban or the other hospitals in that system (Weiss, MacNeal), Northshore Hospital System, Northwestern Memorial, Childrens Memorial, Dupage Hospital, Resurection Hospital system, etc.

If people don't want to post in this thread, you could send me a PM with the info.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this info

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Can't help you with salaries, but the hospitals you mention are in a 40-50 mile radius of each other, so salaries and COL can vary greatly.


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Most, if not all, of the hospitals you listed are extremely competitive to get into right now. Some of them have zero openings at all!

However, I'd expect roughly 27-31 dollars per hour including differential.