Chemistry with other nursing courses?



I just got my acceptance letter to Helene Fuld. i was wondering is it advisable to take chemistry the first semester along with nursing courses? How hard is the first semester?

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I've seen others do it, but I couldn't and wouldn't advise it. However, people advised me not to work full time during NS, and I've been working FT every since nursing school and so far I'm doing well.

So I say it all depends on you and how hard you are willing to work. We are all different... with that said some people found the first semester easy some found it hard, it all depends on the person taking the course.


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How do you look to see all the threads that have answered your questions?

I wouldn't. Chemistry was a pre-requisite for my program but I have yet to use that knowledge in my nursing classes. Sure, the sections on acid-base balance & glycolysis/Kreb's/etc was helpful because you will hear that in your nursing classes, but we talked about things like that in A&P, too.


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Is there ANY way you can take it before you start?

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