Chemistry--Conversions and sig figs


I thought I had significant figures down but now i'm second guessing myself..

Problem: convert 426000 microLiters to Liters

My work: 426000 uL x 1/0.000001 uL = 4.26 x 10^11

Now 426000 is an exact number so it has an infinite amount of sig figs

0.000001 microLiters has one sig fig since leading zeros don't count according to the rule

So the final answer should have 1 sig fig : 4 x 10^11 ?

This doesn't seem right..

Any feedback is appreciated !

The units arent considered when counting significant figures the answer should have. (the 1 sig. figure in the ML for example). Your answer should have 3 significant figures... without a decimal at the end of it 426000 has 3 significant figures. Hope this helps.


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This youtube video of the Sig Fig song will totally help you get it.