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Chemical Dependency..URgent..Please Answer

Hey guys. i need to do a research paper on chemical dependency in nursing.

I cant seem to find any articles on this.

1) I need articles that talk about the nurses role in detox unit

2) How nurses evaluate patients with chemical dependency (suicidal, homicidal, dual Dx.)

3) Withdrawn symptoms--> whats the nurses role here

4) Intoxification and overdose-->nurses role and what clues tell you patient is intoxicated or overdosed

5) Rehab (preventing relapse)-->nurses role

I need articles on the above information. If anyone has any information please share.

Please Please help.


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You are asking for a lot of help.

How long did you search before you posted this thread?

wonderbee, BSN, RN

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You might need to go to your local medical center library. The information is out there. We have written protocols for all this.

jpRN84, BSN, RN

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Hello, I've worked in a detox for a little over a year now. At this facility they detox people off of benzos, alcohol, and opiates. The drug used to detox off of benzos is phenobarbital, to reduce the risk of seizures that is associated with coming off of benzos, for opiates they use methadone or suboxone, and for alcohol, they use librium, but only if they are having withdrawal problems. The withdrawal symptoms they watch for in opiate users are myalgias/arthralgias, runny nose, watery eyes, nausea and vomitting to name a few. The withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol and benzos are seizures, visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations, headaches, nausea and vomitting to name a few. The biggest thing to watch out for is seizures. Also, you will see people's vital signs change when they are withdrawing, especially they get fevers, increased blood pressure, heart rate and respirations usually. But each individual is different. I hope this helps you out. Good Luck with your paper.

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