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Chemeketa Community College Nursing Program 2015


Hey! I thought I would start a thread for those who applied for Chemeketa's program this year in hopes to begin Fall 2015. I just did my essay yesterday afternoon :) I know it's rare to get in your first try, and I would need full points on my essay to even have a chance, but it would still be neat to keep in touch with some others who have also applied! Good luck everyone! I would love to hear from you!

Yay! Good luck!! What time was yours? Mine was at 12.

10. There were a ton of people! I was so focused on writing and following the directions that I didn't even think to count the number of people until I was in the parking lot. Dang!

I did my essay at 9. I asked the lady at the desk as we were leaving how many essays were scheduled, she said one hundred eighty-something, and I think she said there were 48 spots this year.

Oh wow! That seems like A LOT!! Makes me nervous but I am truly content with whatever my outcome is. Thanks for the info Adbivium! Good luck and let us know how it went!

So my impression is that we will be able to look up our total points, including essay, around May 1st, which should give us a fair idea of our likelyhood of getting in (when we look at past years' cutoff points). Does this seem about right, or am I off track?

Yeah. I'll need full points on my essay and even then I will only have 355/360. I've read a lot of past posts and I think 356 is usually the cutoff so I don't feel overly confident this year but I've enjoyed the process!

Did everyone get that email inviting us to the open house? I read the subject and at first I thought it was a welcome letter. Bummer!

Yes! I am excited to check it out! I hear they are making the nursing program different so I am curious what changes they've made!

Yes! I am excited to check it out! I hear they are making the nursing program different so I am curious what changes they've made!

What specifically did you hear they are changing, out of curiosity?

I didn't hear anything specific but I did hear they were making changes. I am curious to get a better idea at the open house!

We'll find out our scores soon! I can't stop checking my email! haha.

Good luck everyone! The essay points are really freaking me out. Just a few points off could totally sink me, and I honestly have no idea whether or not I wrote something that will be good enough. This whole application thing is awful for the ego!

Hi Orange, what are your thoughts on Chemeketa vs. OHSU?

Scores are in! If 360 doesn't do it for me then I don't know what to say! Good Luck everyone!

On the mychemeketa email? If so, mine aren't up yet.