Chem and Physio next semester?


I'm taking Anatomy right now and I have heard that the Chem instructor on my campus is pretty easy. I have been thinking about taking both Physio and Chem together next semester with maybe some other 2 unit course for a total of 11 units. What are all of your opinions on taking both courses?


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It's definitely possible. I took chem, physio, english, & public speaking in one semester & did well in all of the classes. You just have to manage your time & stay on top of every thing--don't procrastinate!!


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You can do chem and physio and a 3rd non challenging course. it is very possible. you need to study daily and read a lot. your time will most likely be consumed by physio.


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I won't say easy, but doable.

For my last semester of pre-reqs i completed: micro, physio, spanish 4, medical terminology and some other class.

You can do it!