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I just finished my Chem final for the spring semester and had to share my joy with some people who I know will appreciate it! I took a 7 week intensive Chem course to satisfy the prereqs for nursing school. Just checked my mark online and I got 85% for the term! A- with 3.67 GPA at my college. Not too shabby considering it was an intensive course and Chem (specifically the MOLE) is not my forte! I am certainly happy with that mark.

Now all I have to do is finish my Math (should be about two weeks) and I am IN! (I'm currently waitlisted until I meet my prereqs)

Anyone else taking spring courses to meet prereqs? They must be coming to a close soon so good luck!


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Congrats! I too just finished chem, what an exhausting course! SO glad that's over, lol. Good luck in NS!!!


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Congrats.. I finished 5 week General Organic Biochem 1 last friday, with an A in the course, and started GOBC2 yesterday which is also 15 weeks crammed into 5 weeks. Soon my friend, it will be behind me as well. ! :)


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lucky i still have 6 more weeks left out of a 12 week course...I HATE THE MOLE!!!


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Don't even get me started on the Mole! I just barely started to get it at 8pm the night before my final. It nearly killed me! We only got 2 weeks on it too, very stressful!

Good luck on the last half of your course, it'll be fine! Believe me, if I can do it, you can! lol

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