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I bring home my cheat sheets after my shift, everything that I did for my residents is on these sheets. Was I wrong to bring them home? Also can you tell me what is the best on-line College for my BSN, I rrally like to work on my own without a certain time I have to complete the assignment. Thank you

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Yes do not bring them home. I was just fired for this. Check out the thread on this exact topic.



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It's a breach of confidentiality. At the facilities where I work, they either have a HIPPA container or a shredder where you must deposit your report sheet before leaving.

Greetings ,

Does anyone have a Labor and Delivery Report Template I could have? The nurses at the hospital I just started working at don't use them. I need and depend on them.

The nurses in PP do. However, it is not what I need. I used to use one that had the following on them:

Pt initials: Rm #


Allergy, Gravida, Para, Physician, Pediatrician

Hep B status, HIV, Blood Type, Rubella Status, GBS status, VDRL, Herpes,

Vitals Signs,


I's&O's--- Foley


Anesthesia Local, -Spinal,- Epidural- PCA, PCEA

Type of delivery.--Vag, C-Section


Forceps: Vacuum


Lacerations: 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rdegree, and 4th degree.

I can't remember the other information other than babe's info:date of delivery, dr, pediatrician, sex, apgars, wt, length, meconium, breast/bottle, etc...on the bottom half of the sheet.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you and God Bless You,

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hello everyone:welcome: ;)

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