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Cheap RN Textbooks! Where?!


hi everyone! i saw an old hread on this topic so i wanted to ask for current info

anyone know where to find cheaper/used textbooks for the RN program? prices are incredibly expensive and i'm trying to be frugal with the little money i do have.

or tips/suggestions regarding course material? could i get ebooks online? is anyone selling theirs? lol

i'm currently enrolled in humber college's 4 year program starting september 2014 :0) thanks!!!

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The university bookstore may have some used textbooks closer to the beginning of classes. If they're available as ebooks you might get a bit of a discount on them. But you may not arrange to buy your used textbooks from another member of allnurses.com via this thread. That would be a violation of allnurses' Terms of Service. Remember those?

my bad. forgive my chutzpah. was a bit of a tongue in cheek remark :0)

duly noted!

do u know how often textbooks are updated? i'd assume it depends. my friend is willing to lend me hers, but theyre several years old... :0/ does that render them obsolete?

@ InnovativeNurse

thanks for the tips!

did u find that book editions changed frequently? i have a friend willing to loan me the textbooks she's kept over her 4 years, but they are...9 years old, would that render them obsolete?

Personally, if its a textbook with Canadian specific content i would get the latest edition - like Potter and Perry. Otherwise the textbooks are the same with some additions/differences. The bigger the book, the less the differences.

Always get the latest Drug Guides though, you can't skimp in that.

@ InnovativeNurse

thanks so much! i have orientation in a month, so i plan to ask a million questions.

any tips on what to ask/ be prepared for?

At Humber, they allow you to rent textbooks for a fraction of the cost of the book. I used this option frequently when it came to books I knew I would not need in the future.

On their bookstore websites, they also have ebooks available.

My friends have been successful finding cheaper books through kijiji or craigslist. Or knowing a person in an upper year of the program who was willing to sell their copy.

But I highly suggest buying the most recent editions for Potter and Perry and for Med-surg. There is a discounted bookstore near by Humber as well (sorry, I do not have the address). It is north on highway 27 after Humber college

yes i actually came across it yesterday! i'm not sure i can o]post the info on this thread tho..

the potter and perry books i've heard that i would need the latest edition, why is that? is it a significant difference?