Cheap Pharmacy Technician Training In NYC


Does anyone know about reputable schools in New York City that offer cheap Pharmacy Technician training? Is Manhattan Institute a reliable school? I would also appreciate information on places that are currently hiring pharmacy technicians. Thanks.


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I took the CNA training in the manhattan institute. The school was very well run and they really care about their students. I spoke to students who were in the pharmacy tech course during breaks and found that they were very happy with their training. My friend has enrolled for the pharmacy course which is starting soon. I will let you know her opinion when she graduates. This is their website: I hope this helps.


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I've never heard anything negative about this school.

A great place is New York Medical Career Training Center in Flushing, Queens. They have really great training with internship for really low prices. I took CNA and the Pharmacy Tech course there, great people.

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I don't see how much the tuition is there at all! Do you recall about how much it is? THanks!

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