Chatt Tech ADN Winter '11

U.S.A. Georgia


Are there any of you out there that have applied to this program? I hear that letters should go out mid to late October. Please check in and chat about it as we wait it out.

I have applied as well....

girl, i'm so nervous!

Super nerve-wracking that they are relying so heavily on the TEAS score for admittance. Did you take your pre-reqs there?

Some. I have some classes from a previous degree, some from gpc then some from there. I was reading other blogs about acceptance. Some girls got in with a 90 teas and a 3.7 and some got in with an 82 teas and a 3.7. So i'm guessing it mainly depends on how well our peers did. What dis you scores look like if u don't mind me asking? And dis you take all your prereqs there?

I have an 89 on the TEAS and a 3.7 on the 6 required pre-req courses. How about you?

That's good! I also have a 3.7 but only got an 83 on the teas. I was originally scheduled to take the 5.0 version and found out last minute from my advisor I needed the 4.0. So I wish I couldve taken it more than once because I'm afraid that might hurt me! But who really knows? I'm just trying to stay positive and wait for the final verdict before I jump to conclusions. Is this the only program you applied to?

I have also applied to the program at Georgia Highlands. I would have some additional prereqs to complete there. Realistically, I wouldn't be able to begin the program there until Fall '11.

Yeah I too applied there. I don't have any classes left to take which is good but bad at the same time becuase all I am doing is frantically waiting for letters! Hopefully I'll get into one of them so I don't have to worry about this any more! Do you have a preference between the two?

I'm hoping for Chatt just because I don't really want to drive all the way to Rome! ;)

Have you heard anything? I know of one person who has already recieved acceptance! It came via email

Yes. I received an acceptance letter on the 13th! Yippee! Some have also received rejection letters. I think that if you've heard nothing, you are on the wait list for open seats. People that received acceptance letters have until the 10/22 to accept their spots--after that, they will start to give them away to people on the wait list. Good luck!!

Ok well I have yet to hear anything. Do you know of anyone who is actually rejecting his/hers acceptance? I find it hard to believe that will happen.

I also called and left a vm for mrs. underwood just wanting to make sure my application was actually submitted correctly.....

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