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as of 1400 hours the chat room is back up!!

thank you for your patience as it was beyond our control!

wwwweeeeeeeee back!!!

Mark "caj"


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I just dice?


Brian, ASN, RN

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The chat is back up now at least from here in MN,



Brian Short

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Hi all!

Please accept my apologies for the chat room currently down. This is due to denial of service attacks initiated by whoever to the main server that our servers connect to. It is not on OUR end but the end where we connect to and who they connect to to form the www. This is affecting thousands of people and they are re-routing as we speak.

Please check back and see if it is up.

I wish to THANK all of you for coming to the chat room and it has been a HIT!!

This is the first time the server has been down like this and steps are being made to prevent this again.

Wishing all a Happy weekend and hope to see you all online soon!

Best wishes,

Mark "caj"

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