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I am an RN and oversee charter campuses in Texas. At these charter schools, they hire medical assistants and license vocational nurses to work within the campuses and I am overseeing them. They do give students medications at these schools. I want to ensure my license is not at jeopardy also I want to ensure that this is okay within charter schools in Texas. I've written the BON and they do not give a clear answer. I'm wondering if anyone else in Texas is experiencing this within charter schools and if they can give input in regard to this. 

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I am an LVN in California. I have been a school district LVN for about 6 years. I do not know what the Texas LVN scope is, but I hope maybe this will help. The second page of the attachment has resources for California, but you can find the Texan counterparts. My 2 cents is for you to check with other school nurses in surrounding areas or your local school nurses association or maybe the ED board to see if they offer any guidance on the various health office roles. I will attach what my RN supervisor gave to me to clarify my role when I started. The items that are noted as RN supervision, is distant supervision, meaning if there is a question or problem I can reach her. She did shadow me for a week or so to check me off, but ever since then it has been distant supervision.

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Could you check with your local Educational Service Center Region for your area? They should have a school nurse consultant available to help.  Also, TSNO has some good information regarding RNs supervising LVNs and ancillary staff who assist the school nurse. 


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Hi, here are some Texas Codes and Guidelines. Medication administration in Texas can be delegated to non-licensed school personnel as long as they have been trained and medication check-off has been completed. I hope this helps.

Texas Education Code, Chapter 22, Section 22.052 › files › pdf - Guide to Medication Administration in the School Setting