Charity care suits solve little, says retiring CEO of Michigan health system

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charity care suits solve little, says retiring ceo of michigan health system

suing nonprofit health systems for not providing enough charity care is counterproductive to what hospitals are trying to accomplish and not the way to get healthcare for people without insurance, says judy pelham, ceo of michigan-based trinity health system, the nation's fourth-largest catholic health system.

detroit free press, oct. 20, 2004


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This issue appears to apply to only Americans without insurance. Where I live there are also enormous amounts of foreign visitors showing up in our ERs with heart disease, etc. who have no insurance and need expensive invasive cardiac procedures. They are also draining charity care reserves that were meant for Americans. Now, these visitors for the most part are visiting family members with means-------maybe the old rulings of the past should be reintroduced which were visas that were given but with people who signed papers of support for those visiting relatives.

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