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Hi Everyone,

I am a charge nurse, but most of the nurses I work with are more senior than I am. When I am in charge they do not seem to respond to me. Is there any tips you guys have for me to get them to respond/respect me since I am less senior?


Hello Tboland88 -

Can you give some examples?

Such as when admissions are booked and I have to assign them to nurses. When I tell them, they ignore me

Not sure what would be helpful advice here. The culture of your unit and your historical relationships with your coworkers comes into play.

In the example you gave, how are you eventually getting someone to take the admission? Or did you mean that while they don't respond to you or verbally acknowledge the assignment, they do in fact take care of the patient when s/he arrives?

Do they treat you okay when you're not in charge?

Generally-speaking, get to know them, help out whenever you can, be pleasant. Those are just kind of standard workplace relationship things. Maybe have your manager give you some general pointers and feedback regarding your performance as a CN?

I hope things get better for you!

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Now you know why no one wants to be charge.

Aak nicely. Remind once. Then write them up without emotion.

when im not in charge they treat me normally. thanks for your advice!

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