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I'm new to this site, and would love to pick your brains and learn from your experiences. I am currently working full time here in Toronto, Canada. I am an experienced nurse of 25+ years with most of them in ICU/CCU. I now currently work in the NICU and have been there since 2005. I tried PACU a few years ago, but it was not my thing...... lasted 6 months. I kinda like talking to people, lol. Since I get itchy feet every 7 yrs or so, I am thinking of jumping ship into a new specialty........ Possibly Dialysis. There is job openings out there, but most of them want nurses with experience in Nephrology, and/or certification. I would like to take the Nephrology course through my local community college, to gain increased knowledge, but I would hate to pay a whole lot of money on the courses then jump ship only to realize its not for me......again!!!! I would first like to hear from you fellow Dialysis Nurses on their experiences working there, what you love and hate? . If there is any advice you could give me to help with such a transition, I would love to hear from you. Also interested to hear what the shifts are like, the hours the stress level, etc. Don't get me wrong.....I love NICU, I mean who does not love babies. But it's time to move on, and gain some new experience. One of the many reasons I love nursing:) Thanks for your feedback.

I went from med surge/PCU to dialysis a little over a year ago...are you looking to do in hospital acutes or chronic clinic? Acutes and chronics are 2 different animals. I do acutes and the days can be very long (its not uncommon for me to work at least one 15 hour shift a week), its always changing and different. Chronics are the same people day in and day out, and if you crave change, you may not like chronics. Depending on the company they will pay for you to do CDN or CNN, so you shouldn't need certification before you start.

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