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I started working as a graduate nurse on an orthopedic floor day/eve rotation, heavy on the evenings. I worked on this floor as a CNA on the night shift and loved that shift. I expressed early on to my NM that I would like to continue to work nights as I liked that shift. At the time she had no openings on that shift. Now, she has hired another nurse to work day/eve and has an opening for day/noc or straight nocs. What do I do? I would get a differential of $4 more per hour working nocs. The only concern I have is that working noc shift on my floor means I would have up to 9 patients vs. 4-5 during the day or eve shift. There is also only one other nurse on the floor at noc as well as one sometime two cna's. The only nurse would have little time to answer questions. I am concerned about having 9 patients as a new grad. Please help, what do you think I should do? :uhoh3:


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$4 more per hour doing night shift. I would go for the night shift!

You'll be fine. Good luck


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It depends on your needs. If you can handle flipping back and forth between working days and nights (it would KILL me), and you want to test out both shifts, then the day/night shift may be fine. You just have to do what's best for you and your body.

I agree with Nekhismom,

What works best for you is what is most important. Let me tell you, money is defintely a plus, but it is not worth feeling frazzled over. Do what is best for you. Perhaps now is the time for you to get yourself grounded and if that means staying on days to learn better than go that way. If you feel you'll be better suited for nights and well supported doing it, then go with nights. Trust your gutt.

All I can advise is to go with what you feel is your best learning opportunity. Nights may be what you can shoot for down the road while you learn your skills with the support of day shift nurses.

On the other hand, ask your nurse manager if you do stay on days for a while, if there will be opportunity for you to switch shifts later on down the road. She might just let you know first if a position opens up before hiring new nurses in.

This is your decison. Good luck,

JacelRN :p


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It takes a certain kind of person to work night shift. Personally, i love it! It takes some getting used to, but after a few weeks, your body gets used to it. the extra patient load would make it harder though. on my floor we get the same amt of patients, but there is less going on (not as many visitors, docs, xr techs, etc) and you get paid $4 more. Its a no brainer here

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