Changed my schedule due to inclement weather?

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Hey y'all...

I work PRN and pick up extra since I'm on break. (Because I care.) I travel about 50 minutes to get to my workplace. I don't mind this drive at all! In fact, I love it. But I've been getting these advisories saying they're getting lots of snow and high wind gusts and to be careful with your commute. I had decided to work 2x this week but I messaged my supervisor and asked if I could change the day to a different day (12 hours). I was told yes, and that it will be changed. Then I was told it's not an issue. I just worry.. am I gonna be in trouble for this? I've never called out or canceled my shifts ever prior to this... what's your thoughts?

EDIT: also I'm not even a nurse yet. 

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You were told that they would change it. And that you should not worry. Why are you looking for something to stress about?

I just worry that this would damage my reputation. I just don't want them to think I'm unreliable 

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Your supervisor said it was not an issue, so it's not an issue. You're good.

With the poor weather predicted your manager is probably aware that you are at risk of not arriving for your shift due to driving conditions. From their point of view it's probably easier to swap the shift in advance for someone who lives closer/ has an appropriate vehicle to drive in the anticipated weather than be left short on the day the weather hits. 


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