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Changed career to nursing at 56

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Hello everyone,

I will be graduating from nursing school next year when I will be 57, with my ultimate goal of becoming a traveling R.N. since I lived overseas for many years and love to travel. I have a previous B.A. in Liberal Arts and spent the last 20 years working as a senior marketing and project manager in IT and communications. I am finally pursuing what I love, love school and had a 4.0 with all of my pre-reqs. For what it's worth, I am often told I look like I am in my 40s and I am physically fit and active. I am worried, however, that my age will be a detriment to being hired as when I changed jobs in my late 40s in IT, it was incredibly difficult to get a new position. I appreciate any thoughts!

True, from several anecdotes. I found age discrimination when looking for nursing jobs in my early 40's. Experiencing age discrimination throughout, overt and covert. You just have to press on, as you would in any line of work.


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You sound as if you know what you are up against, and that is part of the battle. Good luck!

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As you know that you will probably be facing some age discrimination, my suggestion is to identify where you want to work very soon -- and then begin establishing a relationship with that facility so that they know how wonderful you will be to work with as a nurse. You don't want to be relying on total strangers who have never met you before to give you a job as a new grad.

Volunteer. Maybe get a part time job. Pick preceptorships carefully. Make a good impression while at a unit for clinicals. Participate in nursing community activities where you are likely to meet people who might have jobs to offer. etc. In other words, start networking now and show that you are energetic, reliable, a quick learner, etc. People who see that will be more likely to consider you seriously for a new grad job.

Good luck.

Great advice, thank you. I will be volunteering at a local hospice this summer as well.