what are my chances?


sooo i was so happy i got a job at the hospital i wanted while going to school doing my pre-reqs for nursing. i last from february till may and than i quit. i honestly HATED my job. i was a patient sitter and just sat there watching the patients for 8 hours and one guy actually physically was pushing me (he was in rehab) and nobody was helping me. he threatened to hang me in the bathroom etc. all the nurses there were so rude and would not help me because i was taking their over time. they were hiring newbies to be sitters instead of paying the nurses extra for overtime. i quit and told them it was because i was taking summer classes monday through friday which i was and i wouldnt be able to juggle and wanted to concentrate on school when i start the program. im going to write a letter and explain the situation and this was the hospital i wanted to work in when i graduate in 2 or 3 years. have i ruined my chances by quitting? will they think i cant handle it and not want to hire me when i graduate? =[


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did you give them a two weeks notice? As long as you didn't just "up-and quit" you should be o.k. As long as your performance was good during your employment period (no excessive call-offs, etc.) I wouldn't worry about it. Best of luck to you!

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i honestly HATED my job. . .nobody was helping me. . .all the nurses there were so rude and would not help me because i was taking their over time. . .they were hiring newbies to be sitters instead of paying the nurses extra for overtime.

And you want to work there as a new grad? Why? If these nurses were rude to you because you took their overtime as a sitter, why wouldn't they be rude to you when you become a regular staff nurse and take the overtime they could be earning when they are short staffed? Read your post again and the reasons why you quit. Once people show their true colors (behavior) there is usually a pattern; if they were rude before they are likely to be rude again. If they didn't care about your safety before they are not going to be concerned about it in the future. I say thank your lucky stars you found out how badly they treated you as a sitter because when they treat you that way as a new grad you're going to feel much worse. This place has problems. Burn the bridge and move on.

FYI. . .when there are sitters caring for confused and difficult patients, the staff nurses should be kissing the butt of the sitter. If it weren't for that sitter those staff nurses would be spending all their time babysitting that patient. If their response to giving you a little bit of assistance for your own safety was rudeness because you were depriving them of overtime they could have been earning, there is something very wrong with their thinking. Although there is a sitter, the staff RNs are still responsible for the patient and the safety of the sitter caring for the patient. What if you had gotten injured? Would they have cared? I wouldn't want to work with people who weren't concerned about my safety because $$$ was more important to them than my safety. Those are some kind of crappy nurses in my book and it's a good thing I'm not their manager!


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daytonite thank you for your reply. honestly it made me think quite a bit. i guess i wanted to work there so badly because its an "amazing" hospital said to be with outstanding pay and it just bought out a hospital that went bankrupt. there pretty well known around here but form me being there a little bit i saw there true colors. i dont know if i would ever want to be a part of that. everything seemed to be not like a job. from my first incident was that day with the guy in rehad he was going through detox and i was so scared on my break i called my mom crying i was so scared. they didnt even change my rooms until my mom called complaining. i mean im a 5 foot 100 pound girl in a room with a 6 foot 40 year old man going through detox who is pushing me around threatening me. i mean..does that sound right? not only that but i realize that the shifts are weird and usually you stay late but my shift was 3-11 after school and i wasnt getting relieved until the next person came and she never came till like 1-2am and when i asked her why she said well im a nurse assistant on the floor under you and i get releived and need a break so you have to wait. and it just didnt seem right. and a nurse came in the room around my last day and said..so you want to be a nurse huh? and i said yesss im going to school for nursing. shes like well if you want to work here i suggest you get tough skin because they will eat you up and spit you back out. and she rambled how she gets no holidays off and etc. it was a horrible experience. really made me think about if i wanted to do this especially after my first experience with, ill never forget his name, JOHN the 40 yar old man going through detox

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