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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for listening. I do not think I have ever been so stressed about anything in my life. Soon to be 35 years old in a few months my mistakes have come full circle and I can't stop thinking about becoming a nurse and working in the medical field. I have applied for this coming Spring 2013, the deadline coming up in about a week and my anxiety level is at a high wondering if I will even have a chance. So many of my classmates have pretty high in the 4.0 GPA range while in just my sciences I have a 2.7(the minimum requirement at my school). I have taken my HESI and scored well, earning an overall of 86%. Out of approx. 160 applications about half of those are accepted so I am doing a lot of worrying and praying. Any insight, or hope?

Prayers work wonders! Keep faith. And if for some reason you are not accepted, retake some classes to try to raise your GPA. I've ready before that the more schools you apply to, the better.

I'm going to be honest with you. A 2.7 is bad. According to my college, the lowest GPA ever accepted was as low as 3.5 ever! Your science is a major thing being worth four credits while everything else is three and possibly under. I'm too applying for the spring semester of 2013 but in my college out of 200+ applicants, they only select 16 students. I got a 4.0 and I'm even nervous about getting in. My advice is you take the ACT and try to get in that way or you retake your sciences that you received a C in to boost your GPA. But then again, I'm givin you information and statistics based off of my college. I don't know how your college operates but if it does like mines, those are your two options and he nursing advisors will tell you the same thing.

Sorry for being direct. I rather give you he truth hab false hope.

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