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PICU for 4 yrs, gpa 3.19, ccrn(peds), A on general chem and org chem, shadowed for two days. gre 1250, but writing is only 3. Should I retake GRE or just go ahead applying this year?

any input is welcome!


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hell i'd apply and go through the application process and try to get a interview i know people who are half way finished with a program that have less than you. you never can tell. i would wait a ******* minute. good luck..


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Definitely don't retake the GRE -- that's a great score. I would say your weakest point is your lack of adult critical care experience. Most schools I looked at wanted adult ICU. Apply now, but if you don't get in, you should probably get into an adult unit. You might also want to take a couple grad classes to get them out of the way and to show them that you can earn A's in grad school.


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usually the writing score is a *recommendation, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'd go Adult ICU, preferably CVTICU.


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thanks for your insight, that's exactly what I need to do.


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I would apply and see what happens!! I know people who have gotten in to CRNA school with PICU experience, and they are doing fine.

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University of Cincinnati accepts PICU nurses into their CRNA program. I can't remember the exact number, but I want to say it's 2-4 a year. And your stats are good. Their app deadline is Oct. 1, Interviews in early Nov., and they usually have their decisions made by Thanksgiving. Hope this helps.

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