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Has anyone attended chamberlain university ? Pros and cons?


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I recently completed the RN to BSN program with Chamberlain. I loved my advisor, (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME), she was so helpful from the application process, following up with me on how classes were going, touching base with me on my academic plan! She was awesome and really helped make the process as seamless as possible! The coursework was asynchronous, which was a huge draw to me, I have other obligations that make logging in to class at a specific point for the duration of the class difficult to ensure. Due dates were clearly posted, rubrics were included on each assignment, and educators answered questions in a timely manner. Also, there was no clinical work, if memory serves, my experience as a working nurse satisfied those criteria. Another big draw for me was that there were no tests; there was, however, a lot of papers. A lot of papers. There was also a few projects that needed to be presented to other nurses, as least two practicing RN's. Also, if you like e-books, the texts are easy to get, relatively affordable (my most expensive textbook was still under $100), and can be charged to financial aid. Also, the school is CCNE accredited. 

Con's could be that there is a LOT of writing, if you hate writing papers. Another con, depending on your learning style, is that it is largely self-led. The instructors, while being incredibly helpful, are more guides, or coaches in your academic journey. Like all great coaches, they help guide the training, offer tips and techniques to help, and are essential for the team to effectively work, but it is ultimately up to the athlete to show up and do the work to win the game. If you needs more "hands on" instruction, then this program may not be for you. The third con, and arguably the largest for some, is that this school can be EXPENSIVE. I completed my ADN work at a school that has an agreement with Chamberlain, which significantly reduced my expenses. Between the agreement and classes that transferred, I received an almost 50% discount, and it still cost me $25,000. 

Ultimately, though, I do recommend this program to those who think it may be a good fit for them. It was a lot of work, but almost every assignment tied directly into things happening at my workplace, and it felt relevant. 


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bigmomma3 said:

I received an almost 50% discount, and it still cost me $25,000.

$15,000 is the usual. but glad you are happy.  I wonder why the tuition charge is more. at Chamberlain. Nobody pays $50,000 for an RN to BSN. I know the GPA for admission is lower but $50,000 is ridiculous.

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