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I am a junior at WSU and I am deciding whether I should attend Chamberlain or not. I currently have a 3.1 GPA and I still need to take the HESI A2 exam.

First question, is it easy to get into? Now i know its a for-profit school and apparently schools like this will accept ANYONE. But i want to know if this is 100% true and if I should be worried about my GPA?

Secondly, how difficult is the HESI exam? I have taken anatomy and physiology so I'm assuming that the biology portion will not be as difficult. Are there tips on how to start studying?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations about what schools I should apply to based on my GPA then please let me know. I want to know as many options as possible and I am willing to move out of Michigan. So basically I have all of the USA to look at! Lol. Thank you. :)

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You should find HESI advice and information here:

Chamberlain does have a minimum GPA requirement — I believe it's around 2.75, so you should be fine with your GPA. But please calculate what your total debt would be, and figure out if you can afford the payments. Chamberlain is pricey!