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Does any body have any advice or is going to Chamberlain. I am an Excelsior Grad thinking of going to this school but would love some feedback from anyone that has attended or graduated and have you had any problems with this degree as far as it being accepted like Excelsior any help would be great.


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I attended Chamberlain's RN to BSN online program and really enjoyed the process. I only had one slight incident in all of the courses and it was addressed and corrected quickly. As an alumni I have been pleased with the continued ease of contact and response for requests for transcripts. I'm not sure I understand your question about acceptance of the Chamberlain degree. Chamberlain has brick and morter schools as well as online degree advancement programs. They are accredited for these current programs and I understand they have applied for accreditation of a Masters program. The only downside about the program is it is a bit costly. However I was able to complete my BSN in less than a year.

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I'm also an EC grad, currently pursuing my BSN through Chamberlain ... I won't finish quite as fast as stressgal, though! :D I've been very pleased so far. Three classes done, 7 to go!


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I will be starting Chamberlain in July. I thought I was going to continue on with Excelsior but they are requiring a lot of extra pre-requisites. The advisor I've been working with at Chamberlain happens to be Lunah'a advisor and she is wonderful! Even though Chamberlain is a little more expensive per course I will end up paying less than I would have with Excelsior. Don't get me wrong. I still LOVE Excelsior!!:bow:

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Yay! And yeah, according to my spreadsheets (hee hee :D), the difference I'll pay with Chamberlain is about $2K more, but that's not even factoring in the annual student services fee that EC charges, not to mention the EC enrollment fee, so that would be almost $2K for two years + enrollment. So it's six of one, half dozen of the other. :)


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I also have completed 2 classes thus far through Chamberlain. I like having a structured timeline for the classes which are only 8 weeks long. Be prepared though that you will do a lot of writing. I think I had 3 long papers due plus lots of other 2-3 pages of writing. I has been a joy thus far and starting 2 more classes starting monday. Just be prepared for lots of writing but the internet makes it all the more fun.


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I am starting the RN-to-BSN program tomorrow. I find that I will have fewer classes to complete compaired to another SON. I attended JU 2 years ago and there were just too many courses to complete for the BSN. The cost of the classes at Chamberlain are reasonable as compaired to some other schools.


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Hi, I am also an Excelsior grad pursuing my

BSN through Chamberlain. I will graduate this June and have really liked the program so far. Be prepared to do a LOT of writing.

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