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I am starting online RN-BSN via Chamberlain College of Nursing from July. Just wondering if any nurses out there who will be starting the program or in the program> Any suggestion/idea is... Read More

  1. by   veryblessednurse
    I will be taking the capstone course next. Is it very difficult? Lots of papers or outside assignments?
  2. by   dustin_c
    I’m sorry to hear about your challenges with your course load! I know Chamberlain offers tutoring resources to students that you might find useful.

    Are you a campus or online student? On campus there is a Center for Academic Success (CAS) where you can find tutoring. Both campus and online students have access to SMARTHINKING, an online service that offers tutoring resources 24/7. You can link to it from The | HUB or call student services for info. I hope this helps!
  3. by   yesIcan
    hi all,

    I am planning to start this program soon. I work 4 days a week and thinking of thinking of taking 2 classes online at a time. Any advice on what classes to take together?
    How are the exams and grading?
    Any tips are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  4. by   finallyRN7
    yesIcan, as far as the nursing classes go, I was wondering the same thing as you, so I can't offer advice for those. However, I've taken only two gen. ed classes, statistics and economics through Devry. Although I took them during the same semester, I didn't take them during the same session and I'm Sooo glad I didn't because they both were time consuming for me. Both classes were graded on a point scale. The more you participate in discussions, complete your assignments on time, get good grades with homework, etc. you should do well. This was mostly the case with statistics, but economics was a challenge for me to follow, but, I ended up passing both classes and I believe it totally had to do with my taking them separately.

    I start classes back up in September and I'm going to take Soc 350 alone because I want to get the gen. ed. class out of the way and not have to toggle back and forth from Devry and Chamberlain. After that, I'll only have nursing classes left to complete and I plan to speed things up by taking two classes each session until I get to capstone.

    Hope something I've said has helped you. Best wishes on continuing your education!
  5. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Quote from SleeplessinCA
    I'm completing my BSN in two weeks! I made the mistake for financial aid purposes of stacking my ECON312 with my Capstone course! BIG MISTAKE! Both are so time consuming. I would expect it from my Capstone Course, but the ECON class I find, I just hate it. The instructor is maddening. There are so many discussion board requirements and she grades so stringently, you literally have to log in EVERYDAY, or you do not get your full credit, which quickly adds up. It is the most senseless class throughout the whole learning experience and I'm dreading the final exam! I've never hated a course since taking Statistics in college the first time, but I can say, I truly, truly, hate this course.

    I'm starting in September and will be taking Transitions and ECON together. Can you give the initials of the ECON instructor? I hope they are all not like that one.
  6. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    [COLOR=#003366]chrissie2222, I will be starting in September too. I work full-time and will be taking 2 courses to start but I am a little nervous about it.
  7. by   fireball78

    Can any of you who have taken the DeVry courses PM me the name(s) of the instructor you had for Stats, Cult Diversity, and the Into to Humanities? Also, I've heard about the Facebook page/group for Stats but can't find it. I won't be taking Stats until May but I'm looking ahead to prepare myself for the next year and a half at Chamberlain.

    I've been back and forth trying to decide between WGU and Chamberlain and have decided to go with Chamberlain even though it's more expensive. All the positive comments on this thread have really helped me make the decision.

    Thank you all and congratulations to all who have graduated!!!
  8. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Have you signed up yet? From my understanding, for your first courses your admissions advisor has to register you and you don't get to choose the professors. Make sure that you are registered early enough to preview your courses and syllibi during the preview week. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  9. by   alodocios
    Quote from veryblessednurse
    I will be taking the capstone course next. Is it very difficult? Lots of papers or outside assignments?
    wondering the same thing so i am bumping your question.
  10. by   fireball78
    Thank you GadgitGurlRN! Yes, I am already registered for the Transitions course to start at the end of the month. Next session I will be taking 2 DeVry classes: Cultural Diversity and a Humanities elective...haven't decided which class yet.
  11. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    The cultural diversity course is a lot of work. Not only is there a pretty extensive paper due at the end of the course but there are several mini papers every week along with the 3 postings to each of the 2 topic discussions per week. For the topic discussions you are expected to provide a scholarly reference for each posting and cite it using APA format. I would have preferred to take this class by itself.

    The transitions course is pretty easy with a lot of little assignments. This course teaches how to use EBP by search for journal articles in CINHAL and EBSCOHOST. It also teaches APA formatting. For each post to the weekly 2 topic discussions, students are expected to include citations from the course material and an outside source from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. It took me awhile to get used to that format; in the first couple of weeks it would take me more than 3 hours just to formulate one posting.
  12. by   carrieg
    Hello everyone!
    I am in the 3 year program at the Chamberlain Miramar campus. I was looking at my program plan and was just wondering if anyone was able to take Community Health and Collaborative Health at the same time?

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