Preparation for BSN program

  1. Hello! Is there anyone who's already in the program that can give advice on any books or materials to get before for the first day that will help with getting prepared? Any tips on how to organize? All suggestions are appreciated! I start at the addison campus in may
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  3. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    Do you still have general ed classes to complete? Make sure that you have a great planner and that you work on your time management skills. It will make all the difference. I just finished my first session and so far I have 3 A's. work ahead when you can, it will make life easier. There really are not any books to prepare until you get to your nursing classes. Good luck!
  4. by   jeepgrl015
    Thank you! Yes I have all my PRE reqs done so when I start in may I will be starting with the nursing classes. I'm so nervous and really worried! I hear all these horror stories from the nurses I work with and it terrifies me!
  5. by   RNdancer
    Quote from "jeepgrl015;
    I hear all these horror stories from the nurses I work with and it terrifies me!
    Don't let that scare you. Everyone is a different type of student, have different things going on in their lives, and balances their work/school/family life differently. Transitions in Professional Nursing is usually the first class they put you in, and it actually teaches you how to be a BSN student (using resources, communicating professionally, figuring out how to juggle school/work/life). I love that all the students are just like you, working nurses with lives. They design the program with this in mind to help you succeed. After all, if they didn't then they wouldn't get any more tuition from you!

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