Chamberlain Nutrition Proficiency exam

  1. Has anyone attending chamberlain college of nursing taken a nutrition proficiency exam that way they can jump over that class without having to take it? I am thinking about taking it. Please share your thoughts and experiences.
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  3. by   Regina_Phalange
    I just got accepted today and my adviser told me to take the profiency test. Sorry I don't have any insight into it for you, but I'm following in case anyone chimes in!
  4. by   Future_GA_nurse
    is this for the BSN or the RN-BSN entry requirement? I'm asking because I was thinking about taking nutrition at a CC to save some $$ and not take it at Chamberlain.
  5. by   Regina_Phalange
    Their nutrition class is considered a nursing class so they wont transfer nutrition classes without a profiency exam I think. Mine is for the BSN program.
  6. by   Sam_ia
    this is for the BSN.
  7. by   Sam_ia
    My advisor told me that the nutrition class here at chamberlain is pretty heavy so to study in depth before the proficiency exam. Good luck to us both!
  8. by   NursingIsCaring
    Hello, just checking to see if you took the exam, I'm considering taking it too.

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