Chamberlain Georgia Campus

  1. Anyone planning to attend Chamberlain Georgia Campus in January 2018. I am an LPN Please email me at
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  3. by   NeoNatMom
    Hey! I might be applying at that time but I do not think I will be starting until Summer but I have already begun the process with my advisor and am purchasing my HESI review book. My gpa is 3.67 so I am hoping I do pretty well and can start next Summer.

  4. by   Future_GA_nurse
    I'm in the same boat as NeoNatMom. I want to start Jan 18, however it looks more like May. Do a search for Chamberlain Atlanta and you will find old posts about the school. There is also an Open house this month.
  5. by   NeoNatMom
    So are you sticking with the January start date or Summer? Im going for sure in Summer.